Thursday, December 6, 2007

VAAYU, PULITHA YEPPAM, NENJU ERICHAL - Conspiracy behind chennai gas leak

I came across a news that Chennai was outrageously smelly last two days. My investigations* found the top ten reasons why this happened , now !!!

10. Who Opened the Scent Factory ?
As comedy actor Vivek says , "chentu factory ya thoranthutaanya !!!"
Some one has opened scent factory

09. To prevent Tsunami lifeloss ???
Madras is being hit with Tsunami occasionally. Release of a bad gas might prevent people from coming out and walking on the beach

08. How much smell is bad smell ???
Government is conducting a study to find the tolerance level of bad smell.
This study will show that Chennai wala's have the best smell tolerance in the entire world.

07. Weapons of mass destruction test - gone bad ?
This is a classic example of WMD testing going bad. Another reason why Asian countries should never use chemical weapons.

06. Classic protest to prevent Sundal import ???
It is rumored that imported sundal (chick peas) smells horrible. Adutha veetu maligaikum manam undu nu theriyum ..aaanaa..sundal ku...ipdi oru manam irukumnu thereelaye ?

05. Vijaykanth - Arasiyal !!!!
He always said Arasiyal was a Garbage Dump and he will jump into it to clean.
Anna ..vendaaangannaa - uturungo !!!!

04. Koovam - Cleaning - Kilambitaangayyaaa !!!!
Did Saibaba begin his koovam cleaning project already ? Thanga mudiyala, nirutha sollunga !!!

03. Governments Protest to Babri Masjid Demolition !!!
Conspiracy websites say, this happened two days before Dec 6th
Officially Indian govt cannot regret this.So one other way of making ppeople regret of this bad day. Or may be to prevent people thinking about this demolition at all.

02. The day after tomorrow simulation
May be someone wanted to try "A day after tomorrow" movie simulation with gas instead of water.... !!! Low budget movie. No graphics needed as it is all gas !!!

It is rumored that Palani Kalimuthu sithar** (famous for chittu kuruvi legiyam) wanted people to try his new product and therefore released the bad gas. I hear his new chitukuruvi legiyam is selling twice as much.

Peace (with my nose closed !!!)



*The interesting fact is that this gas leak happened on Dec 4th and Dec 5th, 2007.
The Bhopal tragedy happened Dec 3rd, 1984. Very Strange and all the more reason to check the conspiracy theories mentioned above.

**You can see his arumai-perumai in inside back cover of kalkandu, muthaaram , kungumam and Bhaygya


Anonymous said...

mmm...chennai la entha area layam intha news?will see kumutham,kalkandu bla bla...enaku pudhusa entha changes um theriyala...but ur karpanai kuthrai has no roots to various branches...from cinema,arasiyal,science,service...........mmmmmmmmmm...siripu + sindhanai...cooooooooooool

Blogalaam Vaanga said...

ungal karuthukaluku ...nandri

mohanamurali7 said...

Chennai Scent padichi Nalla Sirichen. Nanri.

Blogalaam Vaanga said...

Thanks Mohana !!!