Friday, January 4, 2008

Bus Conductor Benazir !!!

If you are a regular visitor of my blogs, you would have realised by now that Iam not a fan of Benazir Bhutto. Neither did i rejoice nor was I sad at her demise. Iam blogging this edition to my thoughts on BiBi's death.

In order for you to know BiBi, you have to know more about her family and Pakistan Politics. Her father Zulfikar ali Bhutto was a zamindar's son. He was a lawyer educated in UK. He came back to Pakistan and was made a minister by Ayub Khan who had militarily seized power. Zulfikar Ali Bhutto backstabbed Ayub Khan to become the president. Zulfikar Ali Bhutto appoints his trust worthy general Zia-ul-haq as the chief of army ahead of 5 senior generals. Zia-ul-haq then back stabs Bhutto's father to become president. After 10 years Zia-ul-Haq was killed by his own generals in a plane crash. Backstabbing !!! Benazir comes to power and aides Taliban. The same Taliban she helped, kills her now. Re-make of the backstabbing episode!!!

So Bibi, who emanates from the fully-rotten-scumbag-backstabbing-politics of Pakistan succumbed to it in the end.

Power-Hungry Bhutto:
Her vision was PAK , which meant
P-Punjab A-Afghanisthan K-Kashmir - an extended version of PAKISTAN.
This was a dream inherited from her father. This was the propanganda her father used to take power from Ayub. To the extreme, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto envisioned a Pakistan with Junagadh. Junagadh is now called "Gujarat" in India and is in the safe hands of Narendra Modi. With this extended vision of PAK Bibi helped Taliban and used them to control Afghanisthan. More recently, she took an anti-Taliban stance. This is what lead to her assassination. Why did she flip-flop ? POWER HUNGRY !!!

Money Hungry Bhutto:
Benazir is not an angel !!! She just like her father was corrupt to the core. Her husband was called "Mr. 10 Percent". Following is the list of corruptions that are well documented.
1. Dassault, a French aircraft manufacturer, got a contract to replace the air force's fighter jets in exchange for a 5% commission
2. Dubai company received an exclusive license to import gold into Pakistan for which her husband received payments of more than $10 million into his Dubai-based Citibank accounts
3. Their Swiss bank accounts contain £740 million. They own a neo-Tudor mansion and estate worth over £4 million in Surrey , $2.5 million manor in Normandy.
4. Bhutto received a 7.15% commission ,about $1.969 million for supplying 5,900 Ursus tractors.
Why did she not divorce Zardari, MONEY HUNGRY !!!

So the image of her being the saviour of Pakistan is totally false. Her intent was ONLY power and ONLY money. Pakistan's Poolan Devi was their own ex-PM.
Her personal pedigree:

Her lifestyle showed sharp contrasts. The Bhutto in public life was was projected as burkha wearing devout muslim. Her attire in private life (i mean in her social circles) would earn the envy of Paris Hilton. How often do you see Hillary Clinton (or) Sonia Gandhi in short skirts and swimsuits.

Her fundamendal beliefs were different from that of most Pakistani women. So you can never say she was a true Pakistani. How often do you see leaders be in self-imposed exile when they love their land so much.
My hearts are with the people of Pakistan, who were fooled so much and my hearts are with her kids who would have longed for her motherly love. I admire one quality in her ... she was so power hungry that she put her life at stake.It takes a lot of courage and she has it in her. Ultimately She reaped what she sowed.
So Benazir Akka, local tamilla sollanumnaa.
1. Nee utta bus, unmela ye yeriruchu !!!
2. Unaku Neeye Conductor , ticket kodukura vishayathula !!!
3. Nee ooruku mukkaadu pota, unaku ipo taliban mukaadu potiruchu !!!
Kallu uttu erinju pakalaam, vandhaa maangaa yoda varatum..illena atleast kalla aachu varatumnu ninachitu kalla thooki pota !!! Paavam andha kallu un thala melaye vilugumnu yaaru kandaa ?
At this juncture , every Indian feels proud to be an Indian. In the corner of their heart, they feel sorry and remind themselves that none of their prime-ministers were so deceitful.
Mera Bharat Mahaan !!!


Anonymous said...

Ennada benazira bus conductor levela erakeetinganu paduchen .... superb .... full life historya evvalavu azhaga nachunu (with pics) pottu kalakeetinga.... benazir personal life paris hilton range thanu sonna unga research dhoolunga... athuvum namma local tamila athiravachathu highlight... ethayellam okkandhu yosipaingalonu ( vadivel style) thonudhu... keep on writing ... can't wait to come back and c what would you have for us next... kalakunga ...

gomathy said...

Yeppa -
Ore oru question "Eanung kaa - entha news thaan padikama uduvinga???"
U know what - unga blog is becoming like 'ulagam suthaalam vaanga' with its crispy intresting succinct articles.... intha amma ellam intha allavuku matamanu unga thokupu paathu thaan therinchutean!Romba alaga oru sequence voda solli -with u'r tanglish touch at the end - have added a zing to this bus (hilton party kku vandhe mathri :)) Feeling very proud -really evloooo women crowns India
- addichukutu veliya poy - avangalala oruthara kooda uruvaaka mudiyale :(