Monday, November 12, 2007

Monkey Kulla and Global Warming

Last 2 weeks hv been so cold. Its getting dark very quick. Back home, people have no idea how dreadfully cold it can get. I decided to try my experience with "Monkey Kulla" and couldnot tolerate it.

Why ? Mela Padeenga puriyum...

Once in a while, the relatives who talk,ask me all the time, how is the climate and is it cold ? I have to stand on my head to explain how cold it is to them.

First, "Enga Payanum America-la Irukaan" types
you have the people who have their sons in the US too , for a six month project. There is a silent ego war going between my parents and their parents on who is better. My parents always have the victorious feeling cos I have been here much longer than their son. But still R uncle will not accept it cos I dont work its my husband who works, so its a moral victory for him. Last week they were at my home and my mom thrust the phone to them (i hate her for doing this...)

here is how the audition goes....

Me: Mama..epdi irukeenga
Mama: Nalla iruken. husband yepdi irukaar.
Me: He is ok...ipo thaan office ponaar
Mama: B (who is the son) kita pesuniyaa
Me: Ille Mama. Pesi romba naal aachu. Itho inaki koopidanum , naliku koopidanum paakaren, maranthu poiren....
(honestly...i hv never spoken to him since he came and I dont even have his number)
Mama: Avanukum anga romba velai thaan... he didnt even call today.
(yenna velai , satha sarva kalamum orkut la scrap panra velaiyaa
also, he speaks daily yaa...Mama ku moral victory kuda illa..shame on you)
Me: I know..yenna moonu mani neram..time difference vera. So time othu pogarathu illa. How is J (their daughter) ?
Mama: Nalla thaan irukaa. Last week fever avaluku. Climate change athaan. Ange climate yepdi.
Me: Romba kulir. Winter arambichuruchu.
Mama: B kooda sonnaa. Avanikum romba kuliraam.

(This is my breaking point cos he lives in SanDiego. Sandiego is like Rajasthan when compared to Newyork)

Me: Sari Mama, avar lunchku vandhiruvaar. Naa appuram pesaren.
...hanging up of the fone.
Couldnot tolerate his bloated ego.

Second , you have the so called "INDIA-IS COLD" club.
My Father could be the president of the club. December maasam pani (SNOW) peyum India la solravanga. HELLOOO....DO U KNOW WHAT SNOW IS ? SNOW IS THAT WHITE THING THAT FALLS FROM THE SKY NOT THE ONE THAT WANDERS LIKE A GHOST EARLY MORNING, IT IS CALLED MIST. These people wear thermals in India in December. They wear the monkey kulla in MAY. He wears the worst kind of nepali sweater, you guessed it BROWN in color and so unfriendly. This can be worn in Artic and I bet not a single stream of cold would pass thro that. I think his plan is to use the COLD as an excuse for thirutu DHUM. Yeah, after all my scoldings and H's scolding, he still makes Gold Flake Company profittable.

Third, "Global-Warming-Cousin"
He is the typical geek who idolises my husband but hates me. He wants to move here and talks lot about US. His wide range of topics are from VIOXX law suits to Mormons of UTAH. When u explain to him about the cold, his typical reaction was "THEN GLOBAL WARMING WAS A SCAM TO GET THE NOBEL PRIZE FOR AL-GORE ?????"

Raasaaa..theriyaama solliten....There is no kuliru here....unkita card kaali panni yenoda vayitha yerichalla...kuliru pochu

Aamaa, global warning ku mukiya reason e nee thaan. unoda 9th standard la fail aagi bencha thechi soodaakiniye, athu thaan arctic pani uruga karanam.
podhumaa... aaalaa udu !!!!

Veliya solla mudeela, blog la solliten podhumaa ?????

Last, but not the least... "Erumai Maatu Tholargal" (its not thozhargal)
Their response would be, you should come to OOTY and Moonaar. Its below freezing. BLAH BLAH. I call them this way becos, they goto OOTY and MOONAR 100 million times so this cold wont matter to them. Afterall, I couldnot go with them because my appa would hate their families for being too liberal.

Any way, this cold which I have been used to for the last eight years is too much this year. I have succumbed to the cold and I wore sweat shirts, socks and monkey kulla. After 20 mins, i threw the monkey kulla becos it made my ears so hot that I could put a tawa to fry out of my ears. Above all the monkey kulla...reminded me of my dad who would not leave the house without one in December.

But intha kulla..avarodathu illa.




gomathy said...

ultimate paa....naan unga theevira fan aaytean- addikadi intha maathri svarasyangla bloggunga 'BlogahRasikaVaithvale'

Rekha said...

Good one. Cold weather kooda convince pannalaam aana indha oor summer lae chuulllnu adikara veyyil mattum convince pannavae mudiyadhu.
Out of curiosity, are there other posts on your blog? Not able to find any.

Podhuvaaa Solren said...

nandri gomathy !!! edho ennala mudicha polambalgal.

Podhuvaaa Solren said...

nandri - rekha
some people are not worth convincing. i hv no other posts.
ithu thaan enoda mudhal anubavam.
how did u come across my blog ?

gomathy said...

Polambalgal ellam illa..infact mater ullaa kusumbugal :-) By the way unga second blog article MM topic M maathriye oru kickoda irunthuchu...aduthathu enna ??

gomathy said...
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Anonymous said...

hm...this blog of monkeykulla makes me remember my xperience in ooty
kulir 4 the first time n when i got my first kulla in violet colour
which is my fav...coooooooool... unga blog link ur B [mama paiyan]
knows ah? :P