Monday, January 7, 2008

Kushboo - The next suicide bomber

I was a loyal fan of Kushboo since my childhood days. Kushboo for one was an actress who had a lot of talent. In recent months, my thoughts on Kushboo has changed dramatically. Nowadays I see Kushboo as a trouble maker and a cheap malignant controversy creator.

Iam being forced myself to write this column when I saw her arrogant posture in front of a tamil deity statue. She may not be a hindu and she may not believe in any form of worship, but she should atleast respect the belief system of the same people who built her a temple. Let us step back and think for a second. Would president (ex) Abdul Kalam, who is a muslim , have sat with the same arrogance. Would Prime Minister Manmohan Singh have done the same thing. What gives her the audacity to do such a thing ? Is she superior to them ? I believe she wants to generate controversies and be in the limelight.

1. She questioned the concept of virginity of tamil girls and pre-marital sex. Kushboo should not think all the tamil females in the same stature as her.

2. She fought with Thankar Bachaan for some lame reasons. If she had differences with him, why would she act in Maniyammai role in Periyar under his direction. Something for the minds to ponder.

3. Yesterday, she had a fiasco with Thirumavalavan. Even as a courtesy, she would not greet him when he appeared on the dias of a book release festival. So much for respect and dignity. Instead she started arguing with the audience in a public function.

Is this all a setup drama ? Is this all a way to cheap popularity ? No one knows. One thing I know is she is losing her fan base. Only time will tell. If she wants cheap publicity, I thought of suggesting a few tips to her.

1. She can air her romantic episodes with Prabhu as a mega serial "Karpukarasi".

2. She can goto a mosque with her slippers and create an unpopularity contest. Strange fact is Muslims goto Mekka trip without slippers. "Ungaluke theriyaama Suicide Bomber aakiruvaanga !!"

3. She can goto the homes of the heroines of his husband , Sundar C, and pick up "Sakalathi Sandai". May be air that a live show in Jaya TV.

4. Her blouses are a major hit in Jaya TV. May be she should appear on television in Mudhal Mariyadhai Style. This will be the ultimate controversy.

5. Pick fight with Producers, instead of directors. "Sothuku vali illaama ayirumlaa !!!!"

6. Take On, VIPs. Start a fight with Kalaignar, Jayalalitha & Ramadoss. "Nitham Nitham Serupadi and Nei Manakum Seeva Kattai !!!"

7. Publically air ,after Midnight Masala, the so called Blue film she had shot during her initial years. "Nila Kaayuthu, kushboo varum neram"

Akka kushboo, you need to realise, you cannot become a heroine again. "Ungaluku mela aduna Benazir Bhutto ve puttukitaanga so konjam adaki vasinga..illena ooru naarirum !!!"




gomathy said...

Varuthama irruku - ellarkum kidaikaatha inthe ppl oda angigaratha (wat was kept on her is a loyalty ne sollaluam) ipdiya value theriyaama discard pannuvanga! Its a fake photo nu sollamataangla :( But enjoyed reading it one side - for u'r classic nackal :)
Eaen thalaivi next - paduchi apdiye collarah thookivitukaraple -perumaya oruthar pathi eluthunglean - recent ah news kelvi padrathu ellame 'chea po' nu irruku - ahtunala ungakita 'spl fan request' submitted :))

Anonymous said...

hey blogalam.. heard that it was a fake sami silai.. so many people defended her. whatever it is ava respect kuduthu thaan errukanum...

Podhuvaaa Solren said...

i have respect for all religions. if she had done the same thing in a church i would have blogged the same